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What our clients are saying about our classes and no cost advising.

” MHCC SBDC is awesome”

“Thank you so much for the help and open doors for me to come back and ask questions and ways for follow up”


“This information will definitely impact the growth of my business! This is the kind of training and professional consulting that is generally too expensive for small business owners.”

“Kedma is great. We appreciated the time and advice given, thank you”

“Thank you SBDC for evening the playing field.”

“Highly recommended Thanks!”

“What a wonderful experience! He was so helpful.”

“Guy is terrific. I feel more inspired, confident and excited at the end of the hour after feeling overwhelmed at the beginning.”

“Awesome expert”

“Matt is full of useful information and makes us motivated and ready to take it to the next level.”

“Beyond excellent”

“I went from knowing practically nothing to “something” in a hour and a half.”

“It’s a simple start that makes a scary looking program not so scary.”

“I’m blown away by the knowledge and excitement that Kedma has. Coming in I was nervous but she was so organized and was able to help me more than I expected.”

“Today was amazing. I finally feel like I know how to move forward with my business idea. I can picture my idea coming to life and I have the knowledge on where to begin for all future endeavors. I am confident in the process.”


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